Shameless plug for our game jam entry, Planet Busters

Hi All,
Just wanted to post a link here to our entry into the Clockwork Pi Game Jam, Planet Busters.

We’ve included an installer in the GameShell version that should copy the game, launch script, and icon to the right place for the default theme at least, or you can also unpack the tar file and copy it yourself if you like. There is also a windows version there if you want to try it out before putting it on your GS. (windows version has some slight enhancments vs. gameshell version)

Its got some bugs / issues given it was done for the game jam timeframe, but it should be playable through 5 levels to the end game.

We are hoping to get feedback on it; we are taking a short break from the game jam development pace right now but plan soon to go back to work on a bigger better version, if there is sufficient interest.

-Mad Ned (and the Melon People Team)



hi, nice game :- )

i also make it available on the pingu repository