Announcing the 2nd Clockwork Game Jam Event (2019Q2)

@yong did this ever happen? If not, is it cool if we use existing assets and imagery related to the gamejam, clockwork, gameshell? In my specific case, I created the following:



Hey everyone!

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we missed the 2nd GameShell Game Jam submission deadline by a few minutes and were unable to officially submit our game.

We didn’t want our work to go to waste so we decided to just post our game here to show it off anyway. We will make a post later today on how we made the game and how to install it on the Game Shell

Diner Mafia



@Team_AM_Squared Awesome! The games looks really cool and can’t wait to play it!

You RPG game looks really cool and I look foward to playing it!!

Good news, it seems to run on the gameshell. It does seem to run pretty sluggish though. Also, on OS v0.3, if Lima graphics driver is turned on (Mali OpenGL GPU driver) the game will run, but it is plagued with graphical artifacts and issues (maybe put a note to run with fbturbo).



We are all for open-source code so we released the source code for Diner Mafia on GitHub. We used Python and the Pygame library to make our game. If you’re looking to experiment with Python or get into game development definitely check out our source code!

Additionally, the GitHub page has instructions on how to install the game on your GameShell through the terminal in just three easy commands! If you do not have a GameShell to run the game on then do not worry because the game runs on every OS as long as Python and Pygame are installed!

Anyways, I look forward to trying out the other submissions!


I like the game so far!

Any news on this? The page says the jam is over and voting is done. I also noticed that my game has no results / ranks? Was it not judged?


It looks that only one judge have properly enter results…

Looks like our judges need more time to submit their votes.

Judges aready had 40 days to judge only 5 games, each with a longevity from 5 to 20 minutes.
22 days more are really excessive. Also considering the voting should have ended 9 days ago.

Well it prooved that it was not enough :confused:

Could all Game Jam participants and judges finish voting in 10 days? I’m sorry, previously there was some setting might have caused voting problem.

Yes, previously jam partecipants could not vote games.
I thought only judges were able to do so.

I don’t know who the judges are, but I will have all my voting done after I get off work today. Like @Samdze said, all the games only require like 20 minutes max to play.

@yong you may want to contact whoever the judges are directly. They had 40 days and didn’t vote, 10 more days may not matter if they aren’t even going to vote or for some reason forgot they even need to.

Make sure they vote for ALL the games as well. I am a little confused that the one judge that DID vote did not vote for mine. My only guesses would be either A) They don’t have a GameShell, in which case they shouldn’t be a judge, or B) they couldn’t be bothered, in which case they shouldn’t be a judge. The point of a Judge is impartial and fair voting. I say this because My entry ONLY had a GameShell version (which should be fine since the rules state only the GameShell version matters) while all the voted games had windows / linux / browser versions and were playable without a GameShell.

Hope Q3 (and hope there will be one!) Jam goes a little smoother / faster. Really anticipating finding out the theme and getting started on that!! I’ve already got ideas. :grinning:
And hopefully I wont start a game that is too complicated to complete in 2 months in my free time and have to make a quick game near the end to submit :rofl:

You missed C) Some setting issue on that didn´t let them vote, as mentioned by Yong.

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Possibly, but the fact that someone was able to vote (assumed a judge) but not participants, it seemed more likely that the setting was related to not allowing participants to vote.

Seems that there is already an average of 6 votes per entry.
How many people should vote?

I have voted every game.


Me too.
We are at a good number of votes.