Announcing the 3rd Clockwork Game Jam Event (2019Q3)

In my gs (OS 0.4) by installing only libopenal1 the game didn’t start, was complaining about missing libraries (the two above).

Btw the game gets hard enough after passing the 1st level. I like it!

Ah, that’s strange. On v0.3 I only had to install OpenAL, but on v0.4 (my dev image) I’m already on Buster and have lots of stuff installed, so maybe I just didn’t notice. Thanks for bringing it up!

Btw. who are the judges exactly that vote for the games? Or is anyone that submitted a game a judge?

@yong Another question: what are the rules concerning bug fixes? I have a nasty bug that makes the later stages unplayable on the GameShell (as choosing a direction on forks doesn’t work).

The link to the forum thread on itch is pointing to the 2nd jam instead of here. Can someone fix that?

For some reasons, the comments on the jam submission page are hidden from the authors. I accidentally discover this when I login with private browser without login. What is the reason for that? It will reduce the interactions between participants.

I’ve rated almost all of the games, but I am having trouble getting The Code and Shoot the F to run on the GameShell. The installation instructions are not in English, and I’m not familiar with getting a game made with Cocos2d to run on the GameShell in the first place. If anyone managed to get either of these games to work please let me know so I can rate them.

Also these games were made by the same team. Being able to make two games in the span of one game jam is impressive, but I was wondering if two submissions were allowed this time around.


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put it into GameShell and run it ,it will create ~/apps/Menu/19q3 JAM
copy the group of pico8 games into ~/.lexaloffle/pico-8/carts/ for you

after Reload UI ,it will show up in the launcher’s Menu and in the pico8’s splore

chmod +x gameshell-19q3.bin

I made an installable package included 28 games of all the 2019Q3 games,some from DEOT, except ShiftQuest,which requires libglew2.1
but on os v0.4, stable debian only has libglew2.0 ,so it won’t run

These games ran more stable in the FBTurbo mode

Have Fun


Really kind of you, but I think the game is called ShiftQuest :sweat_smile:

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I have a question, if the judges are us, the submitters, then what happens to the games submitted to Gcores? Or has every participant submitted their work on as well?

That’s really strange that ShiftQuest won’t run on v0.4. I had no problems running it on v0.3. I only tested it on v0.4 with Debian Buster installed, though. I hope this doesn’t mean that my game gets disqualified. :confused:

I have successfully ran ShiftQuest on a fresh 0.4 (burned the sd card and no other updates/upgrades) by installing libglew2.1 as I have posted a few posts above.

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@guu Can you please verify this and include the game in the collection?

If it helps:

cpi@clockworkpi:~$ sudo cat /etc/os-release 
PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="9 (stretch)"


cpi@clockworkpi:~$ sudo apt search libglew2.1
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
libglew2.1/stable,now 2.1.0-4 armhf [installed]
  OpenGL Extension Wrangler - runtime environment

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are there any features you must use from libglew2.1?

I’ve build the game with ENIGMA, which allows me to port Game Maker games to the GS. Unfortunately I have no control over what requirements the games have (or I haven’t found the correct setting yet).

Sorry man
Forgive my carelessness
I tested these games without running apt-get update

debian stable has libglew2.1 now

So I rebuilt the Installable package , including apt-get update and install libglew2.1 && libalure1 for ShiftQuest

Download url is updated
A sincere apology


No worries, mistakes happen. :slight_smile:

Most Gcores participants submitted their work on, our result is based on the submissions on only.


I got to try out the games and leave some comments/ratings.

It’s really nice there were so many entries this time! Lots of new games to try on the console.

I wasn’t able to get them to run either.

Oops, I didn’t notice that they were by the same team… lol if we could submit multiple games that would have been nice to know; I actually had a VVVVVV-style platformer I had worked on during the jam as well.


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