Announcing the 3rd Clockwork Game Jam Event (2019Q3)

Hey everyone, the voting phase ends on Monday, so if you haven’t voted (or even played) yet now’s the time!

I’ve played and voted for almost all submissions by now (thanks to @guu ‘s compilation), only a handful of games wouldn’t run for me. But I’ ll try some other things to get them to work this weekend.

So please vote, so that every entry has an equal chance in the competition.


:thinking: We have 6 love2d entries, 6 pico-8 entries, 3 nodewebkit entries and 6 other entries. It seems that love2d and pico-8 are the two most popular game development frameworks which I should learn to use next time.

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I was able to load your game on the GameShell, but I cannot figure out how to map the controls. Could you help me out?

Also Love2D and PICO-8 are definitely the most accessible frameworks for the GameShell. It kinda sucks that any submission not made using those frameworks are being somewhat neglected.

I think it is really cool that your game was written in C and runs on dosbox. Although, the couple of extra steps necessary to get the game to run probably scared some people away.

With just two days left, I’m kinda concerned that some of the entries just have a couple of ratings. Admittedly, I haven’t even rated all the games. Some of the submissions just won’t work on my GameShell despite my best efforts. Other submissions are not in English, and I do not feel comfortable blinding rating them. There are bigger issues to worry about, but I’d hate for the final results to be skewed just because a submission has such few ratings.

With that said, I don’t think extending the voting period will fix anything. I’m not sure there is a good solution, so whatever happens happens.

Also I’m wondering why our submission only has one rating. The game runs natively on the GameShell. If you have a GameShell just SSH into it from your ccomputer and run this command to install it on your GameShell.

git clone /home/cpi/games/Python/quantum-caverns/ && mv /home/cpi/games/Python/quantum-caverns/33_QuantumCaverns/ /home/cpi/apps/Menu/21_Indie\ Games/

If you don’t have a GameShell then you can still run the game on your computer so long as you have Python installed. Just download the files from the game’s GitHub page, and click on “” to play.

Also just let me know if you’re having any trouble.

Indeed my game needs extra steps to map gamepad direction keys to keyboard ones which I have pointed on the instruction part of the game page on Your concern of the judgement is reasonable because good game makers don’t have to be good judges. Especially we only have a small number of votes from a small number of submitters. But… it seems that judges are not only who have submitted entries, the jam host will make the last judgements, I guess.

Wait, so are the votes that we make all that goes into the judging?

From the jam description, I was thinking that it would be based on a panel of outside, impartial judges (or at least people that didn’t make games for the jam.) We don’t have the ability to flag games for violating rules mentioned in the jam description, for example, so that make it sound like some other body is judging/rating entries outside of what we as entrants are doing to each other for fun.

er…I think you’re right in terms of the jam description.

Your game is indeed one of the few I couldn’t get to run, yet (despite looking forward to that particular game the most). Maybe it’s because I’m on v0.3. I could try it on my spare SDcard with v0.4, though.

Does trying to load the game on your GameShell just boot you back to the menu?

The easiest way to figure out what’s wrong is to:

  • ssh into your GameShell
  • run the command export DISPLAY=:0.0
  • cd into the directory that Quantum Caverns is in
  • run the command python
  • tell me the error message

I’ll try and patch a hotfix tomorrow to get it working!

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Huh so this is interesting… it looks like the note in the rules about being able to be on ‘multiple teams’ that submit a game was removed for this jam’s version of the rules on itch. But seems to have been left intact on the version posted to the gcores site.

Hoping I’m able to give feedback on some more games before the deadline – I’m really glad so many people made fun things.

There are still games with 2 or fewer ratings. The voting finishes in 8 hours, could everyone please do their best to vote so everyone has a fair chance.

hey @PIXbits I’m 99% sure that the voting isn’t based on ratings from fellow entrants. From the jam rules, it sounds like they have judges who didn’t make the games that are supposed to handle the judging.

Still a good idea to give feedback for as many as you can, of course. But I wouldn’t stress over the current number of public ratings.

I disagree with some of the ratings, how are games such as quantum cavern placed at the bottom of the ranking list? The game telepang(I am not criticizing the game) was ranked higher in music than quantum cavern. Some games has only one vote while others had 5, if there are other judges that are voting, they should distribute ratings evenly between games. If you take a look at the Q2 jam, a judge feed back would be very helpful. Since I am a student, not much people around me does programming, I think it would also be helpful if each judge writes an anonymous, brief explanation when voting in the next gameshell jam(if there is one) so everyone can improve.


Those are valid concerns. But I am thinking that the ratings that us users give and the ratings that the judges give will be entirely separate.

I suspect the judges will not being using for their ratings at all. And I don’t expect the ratings we have given each other to matter for prizes. Because that wouldn’t make sense based on the jam rules they have posted.

EDIT: I’m thinking that they can’t use itch for the official votes though, since itch seems to insist there is a FIRST place game. When I think we all know, that spot should be reserved for the next jam ;^)

I’m really sorry I didn’t have the time to vote for the rest of the games. I haven’t even touched my GS in the last few days. :confused:
Makes me a bit sad to see Quantum Caverns so low in the list with one vote. :frowning:

isn’t users of the irl party in china for the jam end was allowed to vote ?

isn’t we need two different ranking ? one for deot/china and one for gameshell/us-eu users ?

Hey @yong, can you give us an estimate when the results of the jam will be published?

Totally forgot there’s a week long holiday in China right now, so I guess the results have to wait.

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To be frank, I am quite disappointed in the organization of this jam. There is no active communication from the organizers during and after the jam. The link to this forum thread in all the posts about the jam is wrong (pointed to Q2 jam) and it is still wrong despite I mentioned a few times to the organizers. The judging criteria and rules are not clear.

Clockwork is putting a lot of money each time for the jams. I wish they could put more efforts into organizing better. I participated in a few other jams that do not have any prizes but the interactions among participants and with the organizers were much, much better which made the jams much more enjoyable.

My suggestions to future jams:

  1. Better publicity to attract more participants. Ideally about 100
  2. Active communication channels for participants. I think Discord is the best.
  3. Clear and consistent rules. Since there are prizes, the rules should be clear and consistent. And they should be enforced accordingly.

I think there were similar suggestions after Q2 jam but unfortunately they were not implemented in Q3. I hope Q4 will be better.