Will the gameshell be available again?

As cool as the devterm is (Like, seriously, it’s insanely cool - it’s like something out of a cyberpunk novel - i may have to get one), I really want an open source game console that is really portable with conventional handheld controls - and there is really no high-quality alternative to the GameShell in this field. So I am wondering - will the gameshell ever go back on Amazon or just go back on sale at all?

EDIT - Alternatively, if anyone could tell me a high-quality FOSS competitor (that isn’t the cheap Chinese junk on amazon), that would be amazing too. Thank you!

It has been said that after the DevTerm was shipped they would go back to the GameShell to upgrade it’s SOC and screen size. I’m also waiting for the next iteration and hopefully even have a way to connect both machines.
I guess we wait.

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maybe a rerelease of GS-Classic, first, for all the kiddos (@<3) who still cant get one.
I would say expect this first. Once CPi feels refreshed after a rerelease and also after DT aftersales support, only then would I imagine they might get started working on GS upgrades. But maybe definitely expect both in that order?