Anyone able to get Signal Desktop running?

The official instructions seem to be broken for uconsole.

Errors about public key and inability to locate the signal-dekstop package.

Looks like it was built for Debian.

I think it only works on “regular” non-ARM distro’s.

Signals about to close up shop - I’d install WeeChatt and use IRC - not encrypted but not as many people on it… (plus the CIA has been funding signal or at least that’s the rumor)

I’ve messed with Jami :
The 6 Best Private Encrypted Chat Apps for Linux Users |

really want a decentralized chat app - no server -Jami is peer to peer… and it’s available on several platforms (Android, Linux … ,) I have it running on the DevTerm

The official instructions don’t have an ARM binary it seems so you would need one somebody else has built or build from source.

echo 'deb [arch=amd64...

I’ve not seen this news? What is this about?

That’s a hard “good lord, never” from me

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not WeChat from China but WeeChat … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

That makes more sense, honestly I had forgotten about WeeChat. TBH I’m not really sure I’d class IRC as a replacement for messaging apps like Signal or Whatsapp (or WeChat) - Discord or Matrix, sure, but IRC is kind of a PITA to use on mobile and really does need a bouncer to be of any use. (Although on the IRC front I’ve been using Halloy which I really enjoy).

As for Signal, i’m not sure that really means the writing is on the wall, at least not in the short term.

agreed I think only Jami will run peer to peer but you have to set one computer up as a local server - we use Zello app for interoperability between ham radio folks and non hams at a big bike ride I volunteer for. Zello is a ‘two way radio app’ with text capability - not aware of any encryption

Unlikely Signal is closing shop. They also have a great pedigree that goes back to the whisper project, it’s unlikely they received three letter funding. But who knows for sure.

They are still the best secure messaging platform out there and they have the added benefit of not being owned by the Chinese or Meta.

Meshtastic? I’ve got one node set up and another to build - it requires messaging software on a phone or linux machine I have a Lora usb dongle just haven’t had time to explore that route - I’d like a mesh network over a commercial one - only issue is I don’t believe Meshtastic is encrypted…