HAM Radio Digimodes with the uConsole

Recently got my uConsole and I have to say, I really enjoy using it for shortwave digimodes. All it takes is a single USB cable to the radio and you’re golden.


This is why I ordered one. I’m glad to see you got it running gridtracker!

Yeah I use JTDX and gridtracker, works perfectly.

Very exciting. Cannot wait to do some portable FT8.

Great to see this working. Exactly why I placed my order. 73.
Pete M0WHT

How do you like the X6100? I’ve been eyeing that one and currently use a G90 as my base station HF rig. The portal rugged look is very appealing to me!

what processor? specs? I loaded the POTO software on a Panasonic Toughbook (used) running linux - never thought to put it on the uConsole - you have a very compact system there …

I got the CM4 version

@whoahneat The X6100 is a cute little transceiver. Feels very solid and it has most everything you need: Internal battery, ATU, the works. You get 10W if you’re using an external power supply or battery, and 5W on the internal one. I like that you just need one USB cable for CAT and audio, and compatibility with software is good. What sucks is that Xiegu never finishes their products before moving on. Their latest firmware update breaks CAT control and yet they already announced a successor called the X6200.
However, there’s alternative firmware available from R1CBU that completely changes the user interface and adds features such as internal FT8 decoding. You can also boot up a full linux desktop right on the radio and use programs like WSJT-X on it, but the screen is way too small for that to be really useful.

I’d say if you’re ok with the software being a bit unfinished, it’s still a good value. And when I say the software is unfinished… It’s stuff like: There’s bluetooth support, but you can’t pair bluetooth headsets because they don’t do any audio routing for that. There’s WLAN support, but there’s not much you can do with that. There’s a CW decoder but it mostly doesn’t work. There’s a lot of potential that hasn’t been realized, or was realized by third parties like that FT8 support.

Other than the mentioned niggles the radio works well, the default user interface is alright and it just handles and looks nice in my opinion. The AL case certainly feels better than the plastic shell of the IC-405, which is twice the price.

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I do too ! was curious about the CM4 capabilities but if it’s running digital mode then it has some real capabilities. I typically operate camping (small camper) so compactness of equipment is not a priority - I’ve also run into issues with operating outdoors with glare - So I either set up under an awning or operate from inside the camper. when I purchased the Toughbook at Huntsville Hamfest I really got a bargain on it. and it works well outdoors but sufferes on the portability side of things especially since I use an external monitor - speaking of an external monitor the uConsole works well with external monitors - I’ve plugged it into HDMI to VGA adapters and the extended screen space is amazing…You’ll need a micro HDMI to HDMI adapter or (what every adapter your screen will need) I have a flat screen gamer external monitor that works well too. The DevTerm had issues with the HDMI socket being slightly burried due to the shell the uConsole is an improvement.