Anyone else from the US recently order a uConsole?

I ordered my uConsole on the 10 of October but I thought to use a online Chinese business days calculator to approximate the 90 business days. I’m not saying that this is in any way accurate. But in my case it’s around a rough idea. Technically I should hear something by March 2024. Even though it estimated February 15 for me this falls during the Chinese new year so I figure to give it a extra month. But if it turns out to be a a year or two then I shall have to wait like all the others and wait my turn. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not trying to offend anyone in any way.

Just did mine and it clocked up to 12th of march (ordered on 2nd november) so yh shouldnt be crazy far but im keeping my fingers crossed for January :joy:

Getting the uConsole in the US it’s going to be a challenge. Ordered nov. 6 2022 (cm4 no 4g) and still waiting… things will go faster in future, but there’s a year of order to be fulfilled yet

Hopefully your order comes into this batch or the one when they get in new cm4s

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Yeah I ordered mine 2 months ago. I specifically chose the one that said it was in stock and had a 10 day delivery time.

I haven’t gotten any updates other than a receipt, and I might be moving soon so I have no idea how to change my delivery address if that’s even possible, or if I did manage to change it how would I know it was actually updated?

I don’t necessarily mind signing up to be queued for orders, but I didn’t agree to a multi year wait especially since I’ll be changing addresses multiple times and there’s no real way to track the order progress for whatever reason.

I plan waiting for around 1 more month which would be 90 days, but it’s frustrating they go out of their way to write delivery times / inventory status on the store page when it apparently has no meaning. Then I feel bad if I have to cancel my order because this is a project I want to support… But there’s not a lot of options I they only have misrepresented inventory status / delivery time without communication and no way to verify delivery information.

I would feel wildly different if there was no stock information / delivery times on the store page or if there was some text saying “Based on data from (July 1), we think we have 100 units in stock that can be delivered in 10 days. Be aware this information may be out of date, and we expect frequent quality or shipping problems to interfere with these dates.”

…But there’s no disclaimer like that. It presents the information there like facts.

Try messaging alex about changing delivery addresses, also all the uconsoles are marked as pre order on their main homepage but not so sure from the time you ordered

I think it’ll be unfair to ship to US address on priority but if that turns out to be true I’ll change the address and get it send by my colleagues in US.

I ordered mine over a year ago and still have not received it. ‘90 business days’ was the stated ship time when I ordered. Good luck!