Anyone planning on using their uConsole with a Lapdock?

I’ve been debating between a UPerfect and Nexdock lapdock for other purposes, but I think either might work nicely with the uConsole via bluetooth and the HDMI connections. I’m leaning towards the Nexdock Wireless so I can use Miracast with other devices.

Does anyone else plan on using something like this with their uConsole?


one of these? interesting. I assume the screen requires external power, no way it can be powered over USB-A or C from the uConsole. Would destroy the battery life. But its an interesting concept!

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Most of them have their own batteries so they don’t kill the device that’s plugged in.
I lost my motorola lapdock. Think it got left in a moving truck.

Yep, the newer ones at least, have built in batteries

This one details plugging in a raspberry pi via usbc to enable the touchscreen and through HDMI adapters to carry the video. The keyboard and trackpad show up as bluetooth devices


Caviots indicate Android : (but they show it working with a pi via HDMI and keyboard via USB)

unit is $300 but would make it usefull as a replacement for a laptop.

I use Logitec Keyboard/Mouse that can work several computers it uses the special USB dongle , also I use a small gaming flat screen via Micro HDMI port.

for $60 last year I purchased a Panasonic Toughbook (Windows 7 vintage used) , an SSD drive loaded Rasberry Pi os for PC and I’ve been running that way since…

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there is raspberry pi support by default

see above Raspberry Pi Laptop | Nex Computer

All it is, is an external monitor with bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. It will be compatible with pretty much any device that has bluetooth and an HDMI connection

this is just for the single usbc connection support

Sorry I only read the site description but once I read the specs and saw them connected to a Raspberry pi I knew it was compatible not very much to have to carry - similar footprint to my external keyboard and gaming screen - all said within $100 of gaming screen and wireless keyboard…

Fair enough. True, but I am looking for an all in one like this. The hinge is a big deal for someone in my situation. I use a gaming screen and keyboard at home, not exactly portable nor lap friendly if on the couch or whatever

I have a similar setup - I use these portable display frames - still very - unportable … but I do have a birthday in June… :slight_smile: I have the DevTerm - I like the two screen setup - will still use the portable stand for the uConsole - wife has a conferance in August - would be nice to be able to set up in the business office in the Hotel and work on some software projects. I’ll look at screen size I have a 16" diagonal gaming flat screen Lapdock is 13.5 slightly smaller but gain an easier footprint to use. I expect more Android phones with their power to replace home computers and laptops for many users. I find the stability of the DevTerm and improvement over Android on a phone for jotting out code. nice find.

I ordered the nexdock wireless, I will report back once I have a uConsole in hand to test it with.


Ha, I still have the display part of the Moto lapdock, with the HDMI driver board ripped out and attached to the back of the display. One of the coolest gadgets around 2012.

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nice! rocking the OG

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I was thinking about a similar but modular setup, a small TKL mech keyboard (NuPhy Air) and a portable monitor (with battery) but then realised I just reinvented the laptop :slight_smile:

It won’t be practical anyway at least not as a portable setup meant for real work on the go.

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I have a gaming flat screen I use with the DevTerm - i’ts usb c powered and it travels well - if you have pleanty of work space an external keyboard/mouse and the larger monitor makes a great visual studio or Spyder IDE environment where you can really use a larger screen … I had some issue finding a Micro video to mini video cable that worked with the DevTerm - I hope they solved the socket issues on the uConsole but if’ im going to carry that much kit around I might as well take my used Dell widescreen laptop running linux instead…

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Does someone have success with uConsole and a Motorola LapDock? At full resolution the screen is messed up. (1366x768)
with lower res and wrong ratio it works :frowning:

Edit: I found the solution via Github (rpi4 hdmi not working with motorola atrix lapdock · Issue #1202 · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub):

xrandr --newmode "Lapdock" 70.01064 1368 1414 1446 1498 768 772 776 780 +hsync -vsync
xrandr --addmode HDMI-1 Lapdock
xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode Lapdock

This can be run via .profile but i prefer to use it via shell script in my .local/bin/ so i can run it on demand if i connect to the Lapdock.

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