Are there any plans for a new model?

Any plans for a new gameshell model? New kickstart or something? Market seems to have a lot of new hardware around.

I know this is a dumb question by a lot of metrics but, let’s face it: this is the most popular (are there others?) linux gaming mobile console. We could probably remove “mobile” from the equation all together. How to make this a nintendo switch competitor? I would love to run steam and on this.

Not sure if a new model is currently being develop as they have already done a hardware revision and they are still working on software.

I don’t think steam or itchio software has native port to ARM but I think someone could make an app that connects to itchio.

Just asked. Let’s see.

No replies from itch io so far but … BUT* raspberry pi 4 was launched. Maybe … MAYBE … raspberry pi 4 based gameshells would be a good thing … so the team could focus in selling the casing and software solution … anyway…