Backpanel with SMA antenna ports

I’ve just finished version 0.7 of my new uConsole backpanel with SMA antenna mounting holes. Hoping to get some feedback before I make more tweaks and publish to Thingiverse.

I’m hoping to make this the starting point for a larger project, a backpanel with room to accommodate the following:

  1. Rokland wisblock LoRa radio for meshtastic
  2. Lipo battery, power button, usb extension, GNSS and 915Mhz antennas for the radio
  3. 6x 18650 cells for the uConsole. (Will make a separate post on this in the future)
  4. More antenna ports along the top, will need ports for:
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • LoRa 915MHz
  • LTE
  • GNSS? (These seem to be large and expensive, need to do more research)
  1. Heatspreader pipes for my cm4 cpu, since I’m replacing aluminum backpanel with plastic.

I’m mostly trying to build upon work I’ve already discovered here in the forums. Documenting my research and shouting out people below:

Battery work:


Lora Resources: (This simple setup minus solar panel is what I aim to fit in the new backpanel)


I dont have one myself but o have an idea of tucking a bigger antenna in the gap between the two bumps on the back, could make it a nice and out of the way and you could flip it out for a more directional signal

Don’t replicate my heat pipe mod if you’re affixing it to plastic. It’s an upgrade from passive cooling via better passive cooling. The aluminum case is still the heat-sink. If you’ve expanded the space above the CPU socket, you could absolutely fit in an active cooling solution (i.e., a fan and heat-spreader). At the temp’s I’ve gotten (highest I’ve seen is 82C), 3D print materials should not be in contact with the CPU.

getting it printed in aluminum prolly wouldn’t cost that much.

Thanks for dropping by to weigh in on this, I was planning to print in ASA or Nylon to avoid deformation from heat transfer. ASA has a heat deflection temperature of 105C and PA-CF is above 150C, should get toasty but not warp.

All I’m saying is don’t put heat pipes on plastic.

ASA will be nice in the hands. I’m been wanting to do something like you’re doing, so I can increase the battery size/capacity, but my 3D printer needs a fresh copy of Klipper, and I just moved on top of that, so everything is in boxes right now.

I shall watch your progress with great interest!


looking great, I second the option with antenna holes on the top side.

would also be neat to get an USB port up there, to just plug in NESDR modules directly

once I get mine, I’ll try if I can hack usb leads somewhere withouth having to buy an usb-explansion module.
(the price of them doesn’t scare me, it’s more the shipping cost and taxes add really up)

Think the only available USB port is the one on the side.

there is pinout on the expansion slot header for two usb ports. but yeah, connecting to those might be iffy

Testing begins soon, here’s v0.15. I changed my mind, we’re doing a solar panel.

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Impressive work! And good integration. What is the battery type?
I love this type of hardware mod :smiley:

Thanks! This is a 2000mAh LiPo pack, which I think I’ll be replacing with a 4000mAh pack from AliExpress that better takes advantage of the current compartment dimensions:


200mAh <3mm thick solar panel


Starting to look like something at v0.19


Wait is that a solar pannel on the back of the uconsole

Awesome job! Very impressive. You are a true passionate!

@CRANK I had the same idea for the upper part of the back cover extending it back. I want to put a LoRa radio and a SDR in there. How’s it feel with it on? Does the kick stand still hold against the unit?

curious - how is cpu cooling accomplished? the back-shell of the uConsole is unconventional and if was flat as you have done it would take very little additional space but I have a thermal pad on the CM4 processor and it dissipates a considerable amount of heat…

My plan was using a CM4 heatsink in the expanded case.

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I slapped a raspberry pi heat sink kit on the chips of the cm4 … I purchased an additional motherboard so I could build a stand alone uConsole CPU board with the 3rd party Expansion port GPIO pinout … probably will put it in a case… I have several HDMI screens… so it will be ‘portable’