Plastic back panel

Got my CM4+4G uConsole few weeks ago. Having same problems as others do with WiFi signal Replacement wifi antenna - #52 by barry99705

So I’m interested in plastic back panel (ideally transparent one) which could solve following problems:

  1. Wifi signal problems. Removing back covering improves signal a lot. Plastic shouldn’t have such interference :satellite:
  2. Scraping paint. Front panel paint comes off after just few weeks. Expecting same to happen with back panel in no time :cry:
  3. Maybe there is better solution to remove back panel than screwing/unscrewing all the time :screwdriver: :face_with_spiral_eyes:
  4. Transparent back cover would be much cooler from aesthetic perspective :star_struck:

Any ideas how transparent back panel can be made and where to start? :thinking:

metal back shell works as a heatsink, switching to a plastic one may cause high temperature.


You are right. As an option, plastic case could be made a bit larger to have space for a full CM4 heatsink. Actually, didn’t felt like back panel would be too hot, so maybe thermal paste would be just enough.

we need to wait for the 3d model. then solve the cooling problem. As a bonus, quick access to 18650 batteries. Now I’m waiting for the console itself, then I can experiment.

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A 3D printed back plate with a metal insert to keep the cooling running well with a removable port to exchange the batteries will be my first project for the uConsole WHEN I put my hands in one.

EDIT: I might be getting mine on this batch!!! I can’t wait to start :slight_smile:


If you go for a 3d printed back cover perhaps you could incorporate this fan and Heatsink it’s designed for the cm4. Dedicated 3007 cooling fan for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4, low noise, with thermal tapes, 5V/12V power supply(Optional) | CM4-FAN-3007-12V | CM4-FAN-3007-5V

Just sand the whole thing in the meantime.

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I’ve emailed him so many times about it, I don’t know if they are ever going to post it :frowning: They should literally just have the files (or the model to export the files to), I do the equivalent to what they need to do all the time. It takes about 5 minutes to export and upload everything if you don’t have a rhythm to things with some genuinely curvaceous objects and so-so internet. The model is simple as can be, I don’t know what they are doing.

If the 3d model is not published, I will be able to create it myself. The main thing is to have the device itself.


This is why the change from CNC aluminum was such a bummer to me. The flaking paint looks awful. I would gladly deal with a much heavier uConsole to get the added benefit of a clear ano aluminum.

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They could have easily mold out of a strong plastic. I agree with hsavior you could then have an accessible battery cover to exchange batteries plus the lighter weight.

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I plan to keep a passive cooler like this one I already have:


I have the device, but never did a “scan” of anything. Is it an easy thing to do?
someone made a custom back shell.

I am unable to open it.

Edit: For some reason Firefox didn’t opened it, Chrome does:

Edit2: I tried to create an account on weibo, couldn’t because the SMS confirmation will never arrive. Please someone try to ask that person to generously share the model :slight_smile:

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I was thinking it’d be nice to have a phone case made for the uconsole. Screen protectors or even water-proofing. A nice snap on case with screen protection and water-proofing would be the final touches this needs I think.

Found this in other thread. Will try to print next week.

3D models released, back cover could be printed and modified now.