blueMSX Save/SaveStates

I got blueMSX fully running with correct Database and Machine directories. I got Metal Gear (1987) running, however I can’t seem to get the control map to work properly. I need some assistance. :frowning: please help!

Got everything working. Setup my “RetroPad” as a RetroKeyboard” and mapped it. Good to go!

@fr500 you should look at the blueMSX core and see if you can integrate save states into it.

I don’t see a way to simulate a “cassette” to save data on, so save states in the core are a necessity. Thanks man!

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Sorry I have no interest on that. And I don’t know bluemsx enough to achieve it.

All good man I crunched alllllll day today and finally got a controllable, saving MSX runnin. Thnx man

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Sorry for resuming this old post, how did you achieve save states with MSX? I am using blueMSX and it works really well, but I see that save states are not supported unfortunately

Hey man check out the fmsx file I got in here. Works beautifully for me.

Thanks, I will try it ASAP!

So, I have tried it and the save states works indeed, but the emulation seems to be a little less smoother than BlueMSX, even if the FPS are alright… :thinking:
Anyway save states are necessary for a lot of games, so I think I will keep this.
You should make a post or even a tutorial with all the standalone core anyway, it would be nice!