Bluetooth Audio on DevTerm?

Did anyone manage to get bluetooth audio working? I can’t get my headphones to pair with my DevTerm. Just fails with a bluez error message. I’ve seen the same message before on my Arch Linux machine but that was just down to missing pulseaudio-bluetooth which is appears to be installed on the DevTerm by default.

I’m on A04, in case that makes a difference.

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what did you try to pair your headphones? What was the error message?

I am also on A04 and it was working fine. I used the graphical interface to pair my headphones. Klick on the Bluetooth symbol in the top right tray and select “Set Up New Device” to start the assistent. Set your device in pairing mode before going through the assistent.

Through the GUI it just says “pairing in progress” for a few seconds and then “failed to add device”.

Through bluetoothctl, I get:
Attempting to pair with
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed

Hah, actually I just tried again and noticed that my headphones present two devices, one LE device and one not LE. I was trying to connect to the LE device. Connecting to the other one works just fine \o/

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