Manjaro bluetooth problem - BT to serial device not found

I’m trying to get my Devterm A06 running Manjaro to discover my old Bluetooth to serial device, but it doesn’t show up. The BT device can be seen and connected on my Fire tablet and my phone, so the device is working. Serial Bluetooth RS232 adapter

What I’m thinking is that I’m missing the BT serial profile and being inexperienced with Linux and especially Manjaro, I’m at a loss.

I’m running the latest updates for the Devterm “branch” from the forum, it just did some updates tonight while I was installing Putty and one of those was a bluetooth update.

Anyone have suggestions on what I can check and maybe where I can get the missing profiles (if that is the issue)?

I should add that if my phone is discoverable, Devterm can see my phone in the list when I look for devices.