Anything special to set up audio on an A04?

I received my long awaited DevTerm A04 last week and there is no audio, neither from the built-in speakers nor from plugged-in headphones. I’ve tried a couple of different applications, including Chromium playing YouTube, and there is no audio whatsoever. Is there anything special I need to do to enable audio? If not, then I think I might have a defective unit.

Maybe related is that in the first few days afterI got the DevTerm, there would be a faint high pitched “whine” coming out of the speakers constantly while the unit was on. But today that all of a sudden stopped randomly when I was using the device.

Has anyone else had problems with audio not working?

Oh, I should have started this thread on a positive note saying how much I like the device! Thanks to Clockwork Pi for such a unique and fun device.

Do this: A04 - No soundcard detected

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Thank you. That fixed it!

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