DevTerm no sound

Hi, the sound from the speakers does not work on my DevTerm A06. The headset works via Bluetooth. The wired headphones do not work. I tried the image from clockworkpi, Manjaro and the new Armbian.
Does anyone know what it could be?

Mine is doing the same, I haven’t dug deeper yet. And I’ve only tried the Armbian image from Clockwork Pi. The volume adjustment keys work, which suggests there is an audio device present.

You might want to try HDMI, maybe it is routing the audio only over HDMI. I’ll have to check again tonight when I’m working on mine again.

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Try alsamixer – my experience with Linux has trained me to always first check if the desired output channels are muted (marked as MM in the mixer).

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Thank you very much for the advice. He was truly an alsamixer. I like you helpers :heart::heart::heart: