Boot failing: Disabling IRQ #99

Today I downloaded the latest A06 image, flashed it to a nice fast SD card and booted fine off it. Several reboots later I installed the A06 gearbox software and switched gears to gear 6. Things felt a lot snappier and I was quite pleased with it. I powered it off as usual but my next boot did this:

No key combination I have tried continues the boot. Ctrl alt and f2 takes me to another session but it’s just a flashing cursor and no input works. Rebooting doesn’t fix it does anyone have any suggestions?

At present my options as I see them are just flash the sd card again and have this potentially happen again or plug the SD card into my laptop and add the irqpoll bootflag but I must admit this is far beyond my understanding.

Maybe this means nothing. But I see “devterm patch for audio speaker” and “devterm A06 fan control”. Are you sure you used the uConsole version?