Did something stupid - A-06 Firmware

I was searching the forum for a different issue and came across a post that talked about an A-06 firmware update. It wasn’t until I was done applying the update that I discovered it was for DevTerm not my brand new uConsole.

Long story short, my uConsole will not boot. Is there a way to put the correct firmware onto the uConsole from a Windows machine (like over USB-C)?

I feel like an idiot and I just want to get it working again.

Question, is this firmware on the actual A-06 module, or is it on the carrier board? If I can’t recover from this, I need to know which part to order.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can send over.


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What do you mean about firmware? the only thing such as firmware is the keyboard firmware.

The OS is an OS image that is found on your micro SD card, you can flash the appropriate OS to the card.

This is the latest OS image:

Taken from GitHub

To flash the SD card you need to insert it into your PC, and use any flashing software like etcher

I also like https://win32diskimager.org but balena etcher is way easier to use.

I’ll try making a new image to see if that helps.

Currently, when I try to boot my uConsole I see the backlight turn on for a few seconds, then back off.