[Bug] [Kernel] [Linux 5.10.75-sunxi64] [a04] framebuffer driver error

More info: Review of recently recieved A04

On shutdown, framebuffer error prints on screen error 1b_set_par error, error code -16. Userspace programs (often) fail to spawn properly (probably related) and can not be killed by both user and root. The programs being affected the most are firefox and other GeckoMain-based web browsers. systemd-shutdown fails to kill same processes on shutdown, leading to hung shutdown. Error is not SystemD-related as initially suspected.

dmesg | tail produces sun8i-ce 1904000.crypto: Fallback for cbc-aes-sun8i-ce is cbc-aes-ce repeated ad infinium. Possibly related.

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I am updating this thread as I failed to do so earlier. The problem was simply that the device was out of memory in default zram configuration after a transparent home encryption. Extending the Zram (as seen in other thread, linked in OP) rectified the issue.