How to get gPSP to run?


I know it has been talked about already but it seems unclear to me how to actually get it to run. I’m not sure if the config file is different then then setting up the other emulators and I’m also not sure where the bios goes. Can anyone help me out?


What do you have for now?

Show your config and stuff so we can get a better idea on how you have everything set up.

Also check the ownership of the files, if they are root change them to cpi with chown cpi file


And hopefully you are aware that it is a GBA emulator. Some have mistakenly thought it was a PSP emulator :s


LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Here is what I have right now. Im also unsure of where the bios file will go.


Yeah I am aware. The name is misleading that it could be a PSP emulator


It should be the same as the rom folder.

You can set a “bios” folder under settings and directories in retroarch if I remember right


I have placed the bios inside of the folder set in retroarch but emulator will crash when loading rom


Uh, is the bios named correctly? gba_bios.bin

If it is, you might just need to make a “bios” folder and tell retroarch to use that. It is convenient when working with other systems that also need bios.

It could also be looking at some other location for your bios. If that is the case… I recommend the above. I honestly did that before I had a chance to have issues…


Changing the folder did work to help it work this time thanks.


@Ryan_Leadbetter where did you move the BIOS to?


Is gpsp better than ? I am using the latter and works just fine… (sorry if it is a silly question, i am a noob at cores).

In my case bios files (*.gba) go in /home/cpi/games/GBA

My config file (action.config) is in /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/GBA
and contains the following;

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Just change the bit after emulator/ to the gpsp core name if you prefer that and of course adjust the source link


Hi All,
i have try to put the gba_bios.bin on the roms directory and also try to set the bios/system directory with no luck. it just show loading and failed to load the game. any chance someone to confirm the build version of the GPSP that works?thx u