Can I play Minecraft?

In a post, someone was able to get Minecraft Pi Edition working. They said they were going to fix Lima so it can play Minecraft. Is it possible now?

What post are you referring to?
It would probably be best to respond to the thread, or provide a link to it.

Here’s an example of a link that might be what you’re referring to:

This is exactly what I am referring to to

Since that post was made before the Lima drivers were updated, and we now have the Lima drivers working, I would assume the answer would be yes.

Here are some instructions on how to do it. I haven’t tested them myself. They’re also not specifically for the gameshell, since it’s using the raspberry pi.

I seem to remember having to add/edit users/groups in Linux with root access to update the Java runtime version to support minecraft. I did get it working, but back then it wasn’t worth running.

The tutorial is also using Debian Buster, so depending on your OS version, you may need to update the underlying Debian version.

Alright. Thanks so much @javelinface.

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How do I use the linux terminal for the gameshell

It’s not a terminal within the gameshell. You access the gameshell remotely from another computer that has a command line interface. There are a lot of programs that you can use, however if depends on what OS you’re using.

Can I do it on a Macbook air?

Yes, the MacOS has a program called Terminal. Although, if you weren’t initially familiar with the Unix command line side of MacOS, then trying to get Minecraft running may be slightly difficult, since you will be needing to set up environments, install dependencies, create user groups, update Java etc.

Assuming you’ve never used a command line before, you might want to search existing threads for instructions on how to initiate an SSH session. I have a sneaking suspicion you might ask here for step by step instructions, or end up starting another thread.
Just for the sake of not fragmenting information, try and use the search function.

Technically, you can do all of the command line stuff on the Gameshell, however you will also need to get a mini HDMI cable, USB OTC cables, USB hubs, keyboard, mouse and a screen to plug it into. When booting up with an HDMI device connected, it opens up to a larger window based desktop environment. I just prefer to do everything remotely, since it means I can use my computer, which is far friendlier. Fwiw, I think it was alt+x or something while in HDMI mode to open a terminal. It says it on the screen.

Side note. Have you got a Gameshell on hand yet?
If not, possibly a good start to familiarising yourself with how it works would be to download Retroarch for MacOS. It’s what half of the emulators on the Gameshell run on.