How good is minecraft pi edition on devterm

this is realy stupid but i want to know

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I’ve managed to make it work on my A04 and tried it briefly but the graphics was very glitchy and it didn’t run smoothly at all.

Also Minecraft Pi is not supported any more at all and it’s an old version of minecraft in any case.

I don’t know if it’s even possible to run it any more.

thanks the reason why is because i want to learn phyton have a nice day

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I can recommend Minetest as alternative. It runs fine, and you can program it using Lua.


I installed it through the mojang mcpi page, and couldn’t get the original version to work, however, i have gotten it to work through the Pi-App installer. there is a modded version called minecraft pi reborn that still works and adds some features. game play and controls are not great due to the mouse position on the kb. but i think it would work fine with an external mouse.

Still work ok on raspberry pi using the Broadcom GPU driver, but would not work when using the somewhat open source driver.

About that Pi Edition on DevTerm, it’s like a blast from the past, and it’s pretty cool for some retro Minecraft vibes. But don’t expect the full shebang you get with the regular version. It’s more like a pocket-sized Minecraft experience.

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