Can I run StarDew Valley Possibly?

I am very new to Linux and coding and am entirely unsure if this is even a possibility… However if anyone can give me a straight answer as to whether or not it can be done that would be awesome!

Is the GameShell powerful enough to run vanilla StarDew Valley?

If so can anyone help me to accomplish this task, I am currently playing the GBA copy of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and as much as this is nostalgic and a lot of fun I thoroughly enjoy StarDew and would love it if i could take it with me without the need of carrying my Nintendo Switch!

Thanks in advance for any responses, I know you are all busy hacking and playing with your GameShells so your time is appreciated!

Does the game have a Linux release? If yes have they released a RaspberryPi version?

If yes to both, it is potentially possible to run in the GameShell.

But even with that I doubt it would run fine: the screen is 320x240, I think SV need a better resolution than that.

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So I did some reading and YES there is a linux port, however from what i could tell people have run into some issues trying to run the games on the pi 3, i dont actually know what Pi is in the GS and whether or not it is better then the pi 3.

not sure if either of these threads help you in answering if its possible or not, but figured I would drop them here in case, since this is all Greek to me bwahaha!

Well as I say, “linux build” is not enough, you need to have an ARM build (like one for the Raspberry Pi) which don’t exist:

You may be able to use a solution like
But the performances are not going to be stellar.

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I’d very much doubt it unfortunately. Even if there was an ARM build, the performance is likely to be pretty terrible. Even on my Surface Pro 2 I frequently get frame drops below 30fps.

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Alas, this is the age old tale of binaries compiled for x86 vs ARM.
A binary compiled for one does not run on the other.

That said, I have used (closed source) application called Exagear on my Pandora to run Dwarf Fortress (had a Linux build, but it wasn’t ARM). Exagear is meant for running x86 on ARM without sacrificing a boat load of performance (much faster than QEMU).

For games, the ability to run x86 on ARM via exagear is usually more for novelty than for being useful. Performance is an issue.

Additionally, as @Godzil mentioned, another factor that will likely kill any progress is that the ClockworkPi Gameshell also only runs at 320x240. I highly doubt Stardew valley supports resolutions that low.

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Also if you read the requirements it needs 2gb minimum of ram, the shell only had 500mb

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The upgraded main board could run stardew valley but verrrrrrrry slowly, they could make an even better main board that could run it.

The amount of RAM have nothing to do with the speed… And would not change the problem with the screen which is probably way too small. I suspect that SdV need at least a 800x480 screen


Yes through Android as you’ll have to use the Android version since it’s an ARM build.

Android will work because it has the ARM version

Well. Yeah that’s the same type of CPU, but the OS is really different.

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