Playing Faster Then Light possible?

Hey there,

i’ve a question for one of my all time favorite games: “Faster Then Light”
Do you mean its possible to play on GameShell?

I found a manual how to setup and play it on linux:

a) Arch Linux b) Debian c) it won’t work :frowning:

What did you say?

Probably it only comes with x86 binary. If it doesnt come with ARM binary it wont be possible.

C) My bet is that it won´t work.


It could probably be done by using static qemu user, but would not expect stellar performances.

And more important, you have a 320x240 pixel screen, not a lot of modern games can support that resolution

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Thank you - that makes absolutely sense :slight_smile:
i found a article with requirements and the game needs a resolution up to 1024x768px.

But i think there are a lot of nice other game that we’ve to play :slight_smile:

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Sure, at least all “good old DOS game” that use the 320x200 or 320x240 mode should work

Yet still need a game with gamepad support :sweat_smile:

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