Hello can anyone help for mame?

hello ,
I put the rom (alien vs pradator )to mame game floder
and it ask to download core autoaticly
but after loading it back to the menu and can’t play the game,
Is there anything miss ? and how can I fix it ?

many thanks

you probably need a mame neogeo.zip put in ~/games/MAME

the neogeo.zip from winkawaks won`t work neither

alien vs pradator is a CPS game, not neogeo. So no need of neogeo.zip here.

I personally use fbneo_libretro.so for CPS

Get fba_neo here

Put it in /home/cpi/apps/emulators/

Take this as an example :

In /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games create a CPS folder.

In the new CPS folder, create an action.config file.

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L
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hello, many thanks for help
after doing these, i dono why it becom when I open the game it always ask me to downloading the fbneo_libretro.so.zip file.
many thanks for help again.

I think I messed up something ^^

The ROM_SO line is inccorect. Try this :


many thanks

but now the problem is can’t input anything and the screen is not fit the monitor >_<

many thanks