Cave Story screen tearing?

Hi everyone!

I just assembled a GameShell kit and after updating, the first thing I tried was playing Cave Story but it seems like there is a lot of screen tearing and I wanted to know if I was alone with this issue or what I can do to help it out.

Is it possible I messed up in the hardware assembly? Like a pin on the display or something that handles vsync? Or is this just a limitation of performance?

With the old OS version it was like that for me too. Update to 0.3 and use the lima driver and there is perfect v-sync in Cave Story.

The Nyan cat “game” doesn’t run full speed though. Which is kind of shocking.

Hm, maybe I’m missing something, but I thought doing Update from the Settings Menu would update the OS? It certainly did something with that UFO rainbow thing. Is there a step I’m missing?

The update from the settings menu updates the Launcher. To update the OS you need to download it and flash it onto SD card

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