When will there be a new version of the system?

Perhaps this question is more directed to the developers of the GameShell, but I would like to know if an “important” update of the system is expected in the short / medium term.
Currently I have to use version 0.21 that does not have support for Lima, since version 0.3 has many problems with RetroArch in different emulators, as a bad aspect ratio of the image (and solutions for this quite complex, at least for unfamiliar users with Linux) and many other problems that are discussed in this forum. However, having support for Lima, avoids the annoying tearing in the games.
Another problem that I find are the cuts in the image I suffer when playing through HDMI, from which they have not been able to offer me a solution and I do not really know why this happens … if it is because of the version of the system I use (remember that I’m “stuck” in version 0.21) or simply the need to touch some kind of resolution in some configuration file … because in the GameShell Menu the movement is totally fluid, but not so while you play with RetroArch or Cave Story.
The impossibility of being able to connect a few bluetooth headphones to the GameShel … which in my opinion would be one of the most normal uses that could be given to a console with bluetooth connection.
Anyway, I understand that it is a young product and that little by little it is receiving improvements and you have to have patience, but just a little information about the progress that you are getting or on what things you are working to improve the machine, would be very well received by the end users.
With all this I do not mean that I am disappointed with GameShell, it seems a great machine, but it seems that I find much more enthusiasm for the users themselves in finding solutions to the many problems that the machine still has that of the developers themselves in offering updates and guides for less “professional” users.
I would greatly appreciate that this post is not considered by anyone as a bad criticism of the product or the developers themselves, with this post I intend to ask that please, we can users be a little more informed about the status of a future version and know a little about things can be solved and what can not.
Thank you very much, greetings.


Considering this https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Lima-DRM-Ready-For-Linux-5.2 I would say we’ll get an update soon after kernel 5.2 is released