Certain buttons only responding occasionally

My apologies for the vague title, I’m honestly not sure how else to put it.

Essentially, my A button and start button only respond when I press HARD. And even then they sometimes don’t comply. I have opened the gameshell up checked all my buttons several times for proper cuts and they’re all perfectly cut, it’s just not responding, especially to lighter touched.

I have searched the forums and internet alike but no forums/reviews that I could find have a similar issue. Actually, most reviews praise the tight controls and say it plays very well.

If anybody could help, it’d be much appreciated. Other than this, I love my clockworkpi, I just want to actually be able to play it. There’s no way Cave Story is going down with the shoot button only working when it feels like it.

The buttons have a rubber conductive material that when in contact with the board terminals, closes the circuit making the keypress.

Check if there is no residue on the board itself or the rubber. Here is a video on cleaning those kind of keys: https://youtu.be/EFXz_JGANDc?t=98

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I appreciate that!

Cleaned everything as the video states, no such luck. There’s no visible residue or anything on the board itself, either.

Could it be that I need a new board?

email to help@clockworkpi.com


Try putting a bit of rubber/non conductive wadding behind the PCB. It could come down to the chassis for the keyboard lacking proper structural supports, not allowing for a firm contact point.

But as @guu said, get onto support ASAP to get things moving!

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Thank you all.

I emailed support and received a response telling me to check the buttons for improper cuts. Mind you, I was as specific as possible in the original email stating that a.) I properly cut the buttons and b.) the buttons that are giving me the issue are the ‘a’ and ‘start’ buttons. The ‘start’ button is a part of the rubber cover…

I replied mentioning this and that the contact points are clean and free of debris. Hopefully I can get somewhere with the reply.