[clockworkpi-debian] compiling and running ludo - libretro go launcher

After setting up the excellent debian bullseye (next stable debian version) on the clockworkpi by using clockworkpi-debian and the forum thread I set out to try to compile ludo on this recent and up to date system.

GitHub - libretro/ludo: A libretro frontend written in golang is A libretro frontend written in golang which looks really nice

We discussed this frontend on the forum in the past : [frontend] Ludo is a minimalist frontend for emulators

I got it to “work” almost out of the box, but it’s not yet usable :cry:

Instructions from the ludo README work fine :

sudo apt-get install libopenal-dev xorg-dev golang
git clone --recursive
cd ludo
go build

Compiles! :tada:

Using it requires starting Xorg (maybe there is a Full KMS version, but haven’t found how to get it to work yet) :

sudo apt install xinit
sudo sed -i 's/console/anybody/' /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config
DISPLAY=:0 ./ludo 

Starting like that you only get a white screen with sound and a red thing appears on the botton right when left/right moving (resolution is probably larger than screen). Switching to fullscreen :

ctrl-C  # exit existing ludo
sed -i `s/video_fullscreen = true/video_fullscreen = false/` ~/.ludo/settings.toml

Result :

Peek 2021-04-12 19-09

Working ! :tada: Still a lot to do to make it usable, but I think it’s promising.

Thanks @Joao_Manoel for the initial work to get a clean debian foundation for this !


brilliant work! can’t wait to see your next iteration on this

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