Launchergo in Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone,

currently I am working on the porting launchergo GitHub - clockworkpi/launchergo: launcher of GameShell in golang into Raspberry Pi3. I am a new Go developer. With some luck and effort I finally let the the launcher start:

But there are still many problems like:

  1. the keypad is recognized as serial-uart instead of keyboard, I have to plugin a keyboard to control the UI;
  2. dwm-mod is a binary file without source code although it can run in RPi3.

I will clean the code and write a tutorial later.


Xue Liu


dwm-mod , I lost the code

at that moment when GS came out with buggy xorg driver( lima ,fbdev)

other window manager will fall , So I tried to modified a dwm for temporary emergency use

now on RPI3 or later GS , no need to use dwm-mod

Here is the tutorial