Go or Rust language usage and SDL2

Has anybody experimented with Go or Rust languages on GameShell? My theory is that is should be possible because I can cross compile for my RPi while using SDL2.

launchergo of GameShell is made by golang with SDL2

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I wrote SpaceTrader for the GameShell using Rust and SDL2 (https://itch.io/jam/gameshell/rate/370686)

Like you said, I cross compiled on a RPi and uploaded it to my GameShell. I actually have a build server which automates this process, but it’s really straightforward. I’ve tested the gfx, ttf, mixer and image frameworks and all work fine.

The only minor caveat I found was it was necessary to clear and present the canvas just before the main loop and then clear at the start of the main loop too. Otherwise it just doesn’t render on the first pass.


Cool. I experienced the clear sequence myself on my desktop engine in Rust. Sounds like clockworkPi is a Go! (pun intended :wink:

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