ClockworkPi Grand Opening Sale


That sound more like it is configured for the full package, 3 CPI box must start to be reasonably big.

(and they price on weight for sure, but on size too.)


that’s possible, yes. nonetheless, the shipping costs are way too high and out of balance


Just checked. Nope. The full devices escalates it shipping costs right away from the second device on to 50,50€. Something is really rubbish here with shipping costs.
I mean, a gameshell main board could even be shipped within an air cushion envelope.


And yes, while size matters, too, not in the same amount as weight. Check
And I doubt the packaging size of three boards will level the price that much


How long is the Kickstarter discount going to be available? I really want to purchase another unit, I just need to save up the money. I don’t want to miss it!


how is the kickstarter discount applied anyhow?


How long before the new logic boards will be restocked? I couldn’t order it yesterday because I didn’t have the funds. Now that I have the funds, they’re sold out!


Absolutely would love to have a clockworkPi, have recently started following it and the prices seem somewhat reasonable but $33 shipping is way too expensive for me to pull the trigger, removing this or making it it cheaper ($15 or $20 would be reasonable) would make me buy it right away


I’m a kickstarter backer. How do I get the discount?

And I am also throwing my hat into the “shipping is way too expensive” ring… It practically doubles the cost of what I want…



It does say it’ll be shipped in a week… Which, I guess is worth the 33$. There should be more options.

I personally don’t mind waiting a while of its cheaper.


Is the $33 include custom and VAT it is not that expensive.


But we do not know if the shipping price includes the import duty. In addition, the question arises why “available now” is specified, but shipping begins next year, in 2 months.


Good news

Bulk order to share shipping costs to Germany and Switzerland

Anyway the board is out of stock. So it does not matter.


How disappointing.
I also received the mail from yong about shipping costs. So I hope they are changing the order backend


It won’t be out of stock forever lol


it is back. actually, Yong wrote, it was pulled off cause of the shipping issue. Now it costs 49 USD incl. shipping.


You can see more here: