Selling my Gameshell in EU

for anyone interested please message me so i can send you the details. Not sure if it is OK to post the ebay listing here.


i’m from Germany. How much will it cost to send the Gameshell to me?

Kind regards


to send it to Germany it’s 23euro

hello again , I checked with the post office today and it’s actually 15e. Their online application for some reason says that for EU packages <1kg is 23e. Sorry for the misinformation.

Thx for your reply. So how much do you want for the Gameshell incl. sending fee?

150e final price including postage . Payment through paypal.

Not to rain on this transaction, but 150 euros is about $167.05USD.
15 euros (postage) is about $16.70USD.
The price of a new gameshell is $159USD, which is about 142.83 euros.

(That said, this isn’t including postage.)
Considering this was probably initially ordered around December 2018, we’re looking at an older unit, possibly using the older CPI board. Perhaps verifying which revision your board is, ie if it has HDMI would help to clear this up.

Obviously noone is putting a gun in your head and forcing you to buy it :slight_smile: . With import taxes the GS went waaay more than 200$ in my country. Order was placed in 1/7/2019, it has HDMI out.

Also from the original paypal receipt (this is without the import taxes that is 24% of the final price + fees for customs)

Keep in mind that you are also getting a case (~10$) and an external thin battery(~17$) which sticks on the back of the LEGO case.

Sorry, this is too much for me.
I can spend a maximum of 90 euros. That’s all my budget allows.
But i wish you good luck at selling your Gameshell.

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