Free worldwide shipping on the Clockwork Pi upgrade for your Gameshell!


Direct link to the shop:

ClockworkPi Grand Opening Sale


You guys are amazing. You just keep on listening to us, and I appreciate that. WE appreciate that.

I’m glad I backed you, because y’all got my back now.


Does free shipping count if you have already pre-ordered the new gameshell?


That’s great news! I am ready to upgrade my Gameshell! Just want to ask a question. In the email we received it states:

Except to the HDMI Port for TV gaming, Clockworkpi V3.1 comes with 1GB DDR3 memory and 16GB MicroSD with ClockworkPi OS. The New Clockwork OS contains a complete Linux desktop environment, it can be used as a portable Linux Box through HDMI port and Bluetooth Keyboard, just play and go~

In the shop page: it does not mention anything about the 16GB sd card nor the New Clockwork OS. Will there be included a 16GB card with the New Clockwork OS upon ordering the ClockworkPI (CPI v3.1) development board?

Also in github page of clockworkpi I cannot find a repo about the image/source code for this New Clockwork OS, where is it?


The users that we have already made the pre-purchase of the new GameShell … will we be refunded the shipping costs that we have already paid?


47 USD. and 149 USD for a full game shell. amazing deal -_- not.


Well, the CWP is the most expensive part of a gameshell


true. but no battery will be shipped with this upgrade, too


The battery cost nothing or nearly.

The most expensive part are

  • Clockwork Pi
  • Screen module

Not sure between these:

  • Keypad
  • HP module

And then the last three are between

  • Plastic parts
  • buttons Rubber
  • Battery


Will they send the GameShell without the battery??
I still do not know if we will be reimbursed for the shipping costs.


Well look again on the pages on the shop for the difference version (colour) of the GameShell:

GameShell kit includes:

  • New clockworkPi V3.1 (Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, WI-FI & Bluetooth on-board,1GB DDR3 memory, Micro HDMI output)
  • 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • DHL or FedEx courier service

But the clockworkPi (which is just the mainboard) is not sold with a battery


It says in the first post up to 30% off - is there a promo code for this? I just wanted to check to see if the original backers received a discount? :+1::+1:(cheeky but worth checking))

Great to get free international shipping!:package::package::package::package:


Ordered the new CPi Board a few days ago…its already on its way to me :slight_smile:


Yup they just shipped, but using EMS, so slowmail, may not be there before/after christmas


Hi, I also ordered (the CPI board) few days ago but I have no feedback if the order has been shipped. How do you know that yours have been shipped?


Yes thats true but doesn’t matter, january will be OK :wink:


I received an email with tracking informations!


Still no reply in my previous question? Nobody from clockworkpi read this thread?


My Board arrived today in Austria…so if customs is faster this time i should have it before Christmas! :slight_smile: