Free worldwide shipping on the Clockwork Pi upgrade for your Gameshell!

Direct link to the shop:


You guys are amazing. You just keep on listening to us, and I appreciate that. WE appreciate that.

I’m glad I backed you, because y’all got my back now.

Does free shipping count if you have already pre-ordered the new gameshell?

That’s great news! I am ready to upgrade my Gameshell! Just want to ask a question. In the email we received it states:

Except to the HDMI Port for TV gaming, Clockworkpi V3.1 comes with 1GB DDR3 memory and 16GB MicroSD with ClockworkPi OS. The New Clockwork OS contains a complete Linux desktop environment, it can be used as a portable Linux Box through HDMI port and Bluetooth Keyboard, just play and go~

In the shop page: it does not mention anything about the 16GB sd card nor the New Clockwork OS. Will there be included a 16GB card with the New Clockwork OS upon ordering the ClockworkPI (CPI v3.1) development board?

Also in github page of clockworkpi I cannot find a repo about the image/source code for this New Clockwork OS, where is it?

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The users that we have already made the pre-purchase of the new GameShell … will we be refunded the shipping costs that we have already paid?

47 USD. and 149 USD for a full game shell. amazing deal -_- not.

Well, the CWP is the most expensive part of a gameshell

true. but no battery will be shipped with this upgrade, too

The battery cost nothing or nearly.

The most expensive part are

  • Clockwork Pi
  • Screen module

Not sure between these:

  • Keypad
  • HP module

And then the last three are between

  • Plastic parts
  • buttons Rubber
  • Battery
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Will they send the GameShell without the battery??
I still do not know if we will be reimbursed for the shipping costs.

Well look again on the pages on the shop for the difference version (colour) of the GameShell:

GameShell kit includes:

  • New clockworkPi V3.1 (Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, WI-FI & Bluetooth on-board,1GB DDR3 memory, Micro HDMI output)
  • 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • DHL or FedEx courier service

But the clockworkPi (which is just the mainboard) is not sold with a battery

It says in the first post up to 30% off - is there a promo code for this? I just wanted to check to see if the original backers received a discount? :+1::+1:(cheeky but worth checking))

Great to get free international shipping!:package::package::package::package:

Ordered the new CPi Board a few days ago…its already on its way to me :slight_smile:

Yup they just shipped, but using EMS, so slowmail, may not be there before/after christmas

Hi, I also ordered (the CPI board) few days ago but I have no feedback if the order has been shipped. How do you know that yours have been shipped?

Yes thats true but doesn’t matter, january will be OK :wink:

I received an email with tracking informations!

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Still no reply in my previous question? Nobody from clockworkpi read this thread?

My Board arrived today in Austria…so if customs is faster this time i should have it before Christmas! :slight_smile: