Clockworkpi wont turn on now

i recently accidently wiped my gameshell. now it wont even turn on. flashing does nothing. cant even get it to turn on but the charging light still turns on.

Hello! This sounds very similar to this problem:

See if that works!

The fact that the light is on is a good sign at least. It means your SD card at least is correctly flashed. AFAIK, the light won’t come on unless there is a functional SD card present.
Try holding the power button for about 20 seconds as well. No idea how or why there would be such an absurdly long hold time, but hey! It’s worked for me.

Btw, is this related to your previous post?

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yep thats all me. my bad for being such a rookie at this :relieved:

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All good! I guess it’s kind of the next step, but a different issue.
It would be neater to keep everything in one place, and to continue your discussion there. That way, people who helped you can get a small ding of satisfaction, knowing they’ve made someone’s day. :slight_smile: You’re extremely polite, and willing to learn and listen! You’ll learn a lot from the forums here!

And you’ve come at a really good time too, with so many options and different operating systems being made by the community. The Gameshell keeps getting better and better! :smiley:
The Gameshell is primarily a community driven console, with most of the major discoveries made by forum members. When they work out really well, they get added to the official operating system, also made by people who are active on the forums.

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