CM4 flea market

It’s getting so hard to find a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 these days, that we have to ask our community to help each other out. If you happen to have a CM4 sitting around collecting dust, please help by trade it in this thread with others who are in desperate need, or if you know a source where CM4 could be purchased, please share that info here, too.
Thank you so much!

7 Likes keeps track of who has Pi stuff in stock.

you gotta check often tho, stuff sells off quick. I’ve got orders in with commercial suppliers and they’re not expecting stock till 2023. :frowning:

Some places get them earlier… I picked up a CM4 lite a month ago. So you can get lucky sometimes.


Thanks for rpilocator, looks like Berrybase in Germany has some CM4 in stock right now.