Compatible power adapter?

Hey guys!

Just got and built my DevTerm. The manual says “Use ONLY 5V-2A charger.”

Closest I have is 5V-3A, for my Pixel 2. Will this work? Surely the DevTerm has built in power protection?

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It will work fine. As long as you use the same voltage you are usually good.

One thing I noticed during testing is that the DevTerm will draw more than 2A if it’s available. Hooked into a benchtop supply, mine hit a sustained draw of just under 2.8A if I was loading the system while also charging the batteries.

That said, it didn’t appear to cause any problems - nothing melted, at least - so a 3A supply should be fine, and should allow you to charge the batteries as quickly as possible while also using the DevTerm.

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I am using an iPad Pro USB-C charger and cable. No problems.

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