Question about charger to use

The manual that comes with the uConsole says you should use only 5v 2a USB C charger. Is there a reason to only use a 2a charger? My understanding is that using a higher amp charger shouldn’t matter. I am asking because I usually charge using a MacBook charger that is way higher wattage that 5v 2a to charge USB C devices.

yes it’s fine to use a higher amperage charger. I myself usually plug into a 30 watt charger. The uConsole will only pull what it can pull.


Thank you for the answer, the documentation confused me

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From what I understand, with chargers you need to voltage to match but amperage ideally should be equal to or higher than your device’s requirements. If the amperage rating of the charger is lower, the device might charge slowly or the charger could overheat.

You should be fine with the MacBook charger. I use mine to charge my phone.

My guess CPI didn’t wanted to confuse people given shitload of variety of USB-C chargers. Some of them follow the specs, some don’t. So my understanding of this manual’s point is “we’ve tested that dumb, simplest 10watt chargers works always, anything beyond this may cause troubles”.

There’s multitude of industry-approved charging protocols, some of them negotiating 9,12 or even 20V to deliver expected wattage, to be sure what’s actually supported one should carefully read USB muxer’s specification to ensure that for instance Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0 is supported and compatible charger negotiating 12V won’t fry muxer or component’s beyond it.

I personally use “condom cable” lacking actual USB datalines. Charger sees dumb device and gives 5V2A max, µConsole is more than happy to fill my 2x2.6Ah 18650s to the brim in ~3hrs. Nothing heats up significantly on the board but i admit that i didn’t looked at it with my FLIR

I teach electrical engineering. Any USB-C charger will be fine. Yes the 65W charger for my laptop can produce much higher voltages, but that is a negotiated digital signal. Without that negotiation like in the DevTerm and uConsole, it will just give you 5V. Note that the current ability just needs to be above what your unit takes.

This was my understanding, I was just concerned that they were so specific.