Conclusion A06 and further developpement

I succeed with installation of gnuradio on the original A06 os suite . I can run SDR ++ software with differents SDR . I can run DAB+ reception , RTL_433 , RTL_TCP . I can’t run GQRX . Well It is working fine .
For batteries, I understand I have fake chinese products . I have to buy some good one . I made also a mistake with 512 Mb sd card wich aren’t compatible .
If someone can explain the way to patch A06 in order to make kali or Dragon OS running . That would be great for community . What is the process to patch 6.5 kernel ? No one answer the this process .It is starting on a raspi 4/5 and patch ?

As soon this problem solved , we can give the modify OS for the community .

I m happy with results of A06 . It is running fast in a pocket
I need some english practice sorry for mistakes

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why a armbian aarch64 isn’t working on clockpi ?

what are the diffrences ?

the uConsole requires some custom drivers & patches that aren’t on a stock armbian image

arm linux is a bit of a mess anyway. if you want to build armbian for the uc, use ubuntu 22.04 lts with armbian build, and patch rk3328-add-dmc-driver.patch in rockchip64-current or whatever to remove rockchip-dfi.c from it

After 3 days of gnuradio and libraries compilation , i can run a few applications . All major applications I want to use are working properlly under raspi 4 /5 without trouble . just copy img file to sd card

A06 native image is a mess . compilation of gnuradio is good after 4 time .

did someone succeed in running kali on this A06 clockpi ? or a xfce raspi ubuntu ?

Not that I’m aware of.