Control speed of fan


I have installed the fancontrol package. When I run fancontrol, I get:

Loading configuration from /etc/fancontrol …
Error: Can’t read configuration file

Does fancontrol work ? do I need to create the file ?


The package is already installed on the SD card, there is no need to install it

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OK, it’s installed. It doesn’t work

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Here’s the GitHub page for it, doesn’t look like the settings file has a speed.


The fan will start only when the SoC reach a certains temperature, it is not blowing all the time.

If you want to check it, just use this guide from github:

Change the threshold temperature

Edit /usr/local/bin/
line starts with MAX_TEMP=80

For devterm cm3(rpi os) the recommended MAX_TEMP is in range 60-80
then restart systemd service to take effect

sudo systemctl restart devterm-fan-temp-daemon

That can be found here:

Set the temp to a really low value, the fan will start as soon as you restart the service.

PS: It does not use any standard daemon, and there is no configuration file.

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That’s just what I was looking for, thanks.