DevTerm A06 Fan non-functional? (common issue or just me)

I’ve got my Devterm constructed and functional, but it doesn’t look like the fan is operational.
I’ve validated power to the daughter board, but can’t seem to sort out that fan. It should be running as soon as the Devterm boots from my understanding, though wanted to see if anyone else was seeing similar issues.
My thermals are up to 60C (which I’ve been too afraid to push past for fear of damaging the board). Anyone else seeing similar issues?

I can find MAX_TEMP = 70000 in the fan damon source code. Would it mean that it turns on at 70C?

it would be worked when the cpus temperature reaches 80 °

I should have guessed it was just my missing something on the software side… I immediately assumed it was acting like any 5v fan you get with a cheap rpi case.

My default for temp the fan starts functioning at was 66000. I’ve moved that down to 50000 and can confirm it’s functioning perfectly.

Thanks for the assist @foriequal0!

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