Core modules specifications

Where I can find core module specs. For example: about usb-c written:
" Depends on the “Core Module” features."*
But at table on page write only about memory, cpu and gpu.


i think usb-c is only for charging currently, but we’ll know soon for sure

In the past, we could use the old cpi 3.1 micro USB for USB OTG, Ethernet over USB, and of course charging. Possibly more uses. I may have missed it, but I don’t think that the 3.14 has an additional micro USB, so I’d assume that most of these functions are now passed over to USB C, or at least via a break out box.

More module features, perhaps it’s to do with which core you’re using. Eg if using a raspberry Pi 3 compute board, of course you wouldn’t get USB C natively; so speeds would be specified as USB3 bandwidth.

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