Cost after shipping and import taxes almost 3x the price of uConsole

Sipping to my country is $80 which is just ridiculous, it is almost half the price of uConsole, and on top of that i would have to pay import taxes which are 30% of total price (item+shipping) and 30$ fixed fee to dhl/fedex for handling import paperwork
If i order uConsole with wifi only and without cm4, which is $119, it would cost me almost $300 after shipping and taxes, almost 3 times the price!

Anyone else in the same situation, any idea, suggestions?

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This is not a clockwork issue.


Never said it was :slight_smile:

To quote myself:

Anyone else in the same situation, any idea, suggestions?


Don’t know which country you are in but see if there is a country yours has a low or zero tax/zero tariff agreement with and has a reshipper. Order goes to Country A with the reshipper, reshipper sends it to you in country B.


Say thanks, in Brazil the import taxes alone is 60% on item price + shipping + State taxes (17% on Item price). Shipping price is not that off too.

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60%, wow, that is insane


It’s similar for me as well, 80$ shipping + 20% (22% next year :expressionless:). I decided to go with package forwarding service from China, they give you Chinese address which you input on checkout, the shipping cost was something like ~2$. Once they receive your package they will forward it to your address charging 5$ + selected method of shipping. My estimated shipping costs is going to be ~40$ + taxes on arrival.

But keep in mind that this is untested way, I’m sill waiting for my shipping notification. I only communicated with them by email, they reply quickly and they are long time in operation according to my research – so seems legit. :crossed_fingers:

Shipping calculator: Shipping cost | Tiptrans

I can share an affiliate link if you want which (supposedly) will give you and me a 25$ bonus.


Posting a link here for a bonus registration Package Forwarding from China, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Germany & UK

Again, I have no experience using that service, except an email conversation I had with them. So this is experiential, use with caution.

Hopefully I can report my experience back somewhere in January.


I was wrong it is WORST.

Import fee = 60% of (Product cost + Shipping)
State Tax (called ICMS) = 17% of (Product Cost + Shipping + Import Fee)

So the cost for the uConsole (CM4 No Core/WiFi Only - 119 USD) in Brazil:

((119+80)*1.6)+(((119+80)*1.6)*0.17) = 372.528 USD


Insane, is it from any country or China specifically?

Yes, the local government thinks that doing that they are protecting local manufacturers. I am glad I am not living there anymore.

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Daaaayyyyyyymmmmnnnn thats crazy i hope uk isnt as bad

that’s crazy high!!!

Most you should be hit for is VAT and depending on what Clockwork have put on the shipping you should slip under the chargeable threshold. It seems a bit hit or miss, a laptop i had reshipped from France i got hit, a micro desktop from China…not.

What if you had it shipped to somebody in another country, and they then sent it on to you as a “gift”?

Not quite as bad, but still a bit on the pricey side, I got my customs/VAT/TVA bill from Fedex just before Christmas for the uConsole, 58.48€. 43 EUR of this is tax, and 12.90 is the shipping company charges (which are also subject to VAT, giving the final total). Still super thrilled with the uConsole, but it is definitely something to remember when ordering! (I had forgotten this would be an extra cost… but then I ordered >1 year ago back in 2022!)

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Mmmmmmmm, tax evasion.

:rofl: just dont get caught :eyes:

U identicnoj situaciji : )

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Some months after getting mine (Germany 40 euro shipping) from Fedex, I got additional import fees from Fedex. 47 Euro. So, almost three hundred euros. Frankly, never again. I like my uConsole and am happy to have supported the project. But, it’s an expensive experiment.