Custom GameShell image (v0.3) with standalone emulators

This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this. Thank you so much!

Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned somewhere which emulators are included.

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I remember a while back in another post, you mentioned you had access to a standalone NES emulator. Was this omitted from the list for any reason? (I’m still craving the Japanese Castlevania 3 extra music haha)

Speaking of the list, perhaps also including a version number and changelog would be a good idea, so people know when updates happen.

Did you manage to implement guu’s auto expanding script?

Alternatively, using github for community driven push/pull requests would streamline the process as you make changes.

On a random note, the standalone emulators you’ve chosen are the same ones included with the stock clockwork OS 0.4 image; besides ohboy which is unique to your version. This makes your image a great option for those wanting to have all the benefits of both 0.3 and 0.4. Best of both worlds.

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Ah, I didn’t know they already did that on v0.4.
If I had known, maybe I wouldn’t have done this whole project. :smiley:

The NES emulator is called fceux and it’s also on the image, I just forgot to mention it. ^^

Sadly I have no experience with git (except for downloading stuff) and I have very little time at the moment. Also, I probably won’t do regular updates, I just want to make it auto-expandable and add the volume hotkey.

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No, it’s a really good project, given the issues people have reported on 0.4. Admittedly I haven’t experienced them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Think of it as the same thing as people still preferring windows 7 over windows 10.

0.4 came with a lot of extra indi games. If like you, someone only wants to emulate, your image is perfect!

Just confirming something. Re: gpSP, and the bios location, was gpSP installed in the path:


This was the path you mentioned to install the gba bios. The bios file should be installed in the same directory as gpSP. By default I have my gpSP installed in the path:


This is where all of my emulators, and my gba bios for gpSP are stored. There is a separate directory where other bios are stored, including another gba bios for mgba:


This post has a screenshot of the pre-requisite directories.

I haven’t had a chance to try your image, so chances are you’ve got it all working perfectly with the correct directories. But I just wanted to run it by you. :slight_smile:

I have every emulator in its own directory, so it should work with the bios in the mentioned directory. I did it that way because some emulators save stuff in their directory (I think gPSP also does that) and I wanted to keep everything clearly separated.

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Gotcha!! I figured you would have gotten it right, since it’s what you’re running. Was just doing an audit/cleanup of my own emulator directory, and you’re definitely right! It’s a real mess of files, having everything just dumped in the emulators directory! :slight_smile:

hi man, I put all you say (bash etc) and nothing happened any ideas ? and another favor can you help me with the 0.4 I want run games at it. please

Can you specify where you are stuck? Does the image not load?
Concerning v0.4, I heard it already has the emulators installed, but I don’t have much experience with that version, for now my custom image is only available for v0.3.

this is much needed by the community. I would love to have the arcade emulators (mame,neo-geo etc) as well in there as these tend to be the trickiest ones to setup.

Very happy with your work !!! Made life a lot easier migrating from 0.21 after a crash of my sd card. If there would be a ready build 0.4 image, I would definitely try that, but for now 0.3 does the trick. Only have to figure out how to hot bind the volume + and - in standalone emulators and how to make the emulators switch to full screen as I seem to have some cropping on for example the nes and gameboy emulators.

thanks, I want to use the 16G of the SD and I put your custom GameShell imagen (v0.3) but when try to follow your steps (instructions) to do that nothing happens. the other SD with (v0.4) is working but to run games I always through retroarch not direct emulators any advice ? please Rebusmind

I’m working on an image that auto-expands like the v0.4 one from @guu, but haven’t had the time yet. Hopefully soon.
What does the SSH say when you run the expansion script?

Thank you for your work, i have just have the GS now and will try your custom rom, I also have another card with V0.4 and hopefully if you have some free time you can do the same with the newer rom.
thank you again and have a great day!

I use your custom image and everything is ok and With your help I can use my SD 128GB, thank you very much. I appreciate

Hi, the first time I flash your rom everthing works fine. however on another attempt to a new SD card, I run the GBA emulator before copy the BIOS file, now when I open GBA emulator it does not work but only show these picture and the loading screen of GBA,
Please could you kindly suggest any way to fix this,
Many thanks! 33%20PM

Hm, you are in the wrong directory. To go to the correct one, you have to select the two little arrows by pressing right, pressing the accept button and then go back until you are in the cpi directory. From there press left to select a folder and then go to games and GBA, where your roms should be located.

Have other people the same problem? I thought I had preconfigured the rom path already.

thank you for replying, I end up flash your rom again and this time I copy the Bios in before I start the emulator, it works fine now!
thank you very much for your good work!

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thank you for replying, I end up flash your rom again and this time I copy the Bios in before I start the emulator, it works fine now!
thank you very much for your good work!

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