Developer Mode Ideas

I had an idea for a developer mode to simplify contributing to open source projects, with features like built in simplified git client to checkout a specific branch, separate saves for developer and stable, and UI to quickly file issues. Does anyone have any desire for this?

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Even having it standardised would be good, and would hopefully avoid fragmenting distributions. Since we can change launchers via the menu, I don’t see why we can’t. Although, is there any reason to have a difference between a developed mode and a normal mode?

No, I guess not. These three new things could just be added as pages to the launcher, that would probably be simpler. I could start work on this.

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I began work on the branch select page, so far I made the utility methods, now I just need to do the UI.


I have finished the UI for the branch select page, should I make a pull request for it?

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Also, can I get CPI points for good contributions to the code?

I could be wrong but it seems like it’s for overall community contributions, and presence. So hey! Who knows! If you’re here and active for a while, maybe so! Also there’s the Gamejams, so there’s that.