Sleep Mode? Menu Configuration?

Hi there,

I’m done with putting games on my GS and now I want to change the main menu to my liking, but I can’t find the folder “Indie Games” anywhere in FileZilla, so I can’t get rid of it. Also I’ve changed the number of the “Retro Games” folder to make it appear more to the left, but now I have two of them, one containing most emulators at the new position and one only containing SFC (what is that btw.?) at the old. Can anyone tell me where I find those folders?

Also, what’s the Launchergo folder for? It looks like the launcher folder, but doesn’t seem to get used.

And one more thing: is there a sleep mode? I saw there’s a sleep icon which apparently doesn’t get used, does that mean there is no sleep mode yet?

Hope someone can help me out here so I can stop tinkering and start gaming soon. :smiley:

  1. /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell
  2. launchergo is a non-stable version of launcher written in go. It is currently in development
  3. not sure, maybe someone else can answer. I tend to just turn it off when not using, doesnt take very long to boot anyways.

Thanks for your reply!
Is there a reason why some things are in the “apps” directory and some in the “launcher” directory? It’s a little confusing to have stuff divided into two separate places when they act as one when you boot the device.

I could be wrong but it is most likely due to having had some things in the launcher early on. The launcher itself USED to be in the apps directory and got moved out.

Personally I would also like to see the launcher completely separated so the launcher is its own thing, and the structure and location of things is not half tied to the launcher itself.

@guu may be able to explain better what reason if any it was done this way, and any plans currently in the pipeline, as the launcher is actively being updated and improved.

At first we put everything in the launcher directory.

Then we found that if users want to add their own games and apps, the upgrade of launcher will be affected. Since Launcher is controlled by git,
it is now possible to move the data to the directory under ~/apps/Menu so that users can add what they want.

launchergo is like @Cecilectomy said
launchergo is a non-stable version of launcher written in go. It is currently in development
The original intention was to replace the launcher, because the launcher was developed with python, and it was slower and slower to load because of the growing of the python code

Thanks a lot to both of you. :slight_smile:

So I guess it would be best to put every change for the main menu in the apps folder, right? (right now I have everything in the launcher folder ^^’)