DevTerm Production Status Update

Everyone is definitely entitled to their perceptions, but it seems a bit unfair – or at least uncharitable – to assume that cpi is hanging out having a launch celebration while the boxes sit in a warehouse all set to go.

It could totally be the case that they are sitting packed and labeled waiting for the courier, but there’s likely some genuine reason why they couldn’t get them out on time. Import/export paperwork, waiting for an invoice from someone, etc.; it could literally be a single signature on a single piece of paper, or an email that hasn’t landed in someone’s inbox yet that is holding everything up. I’m sure that cpi is just as frustrated with missing their target as some of us are.

I’ve sat in on dozens of group buys and pre-orders, and it sucks to have stuff delayed. But theorizing in the forums about what exactly the devs are up to every minute of every day past their deadlines really just makes it worse for everyone. At best, it’s frustrating to read though a few dozen negative messages saying the same two things, but at worst newcomers are gonna get the idea that the devs are untrustworthy, that the product is vaporware, or even just get a tarnished view of the community. Nothing turns people off of contributing like a community perceived as demanding or toxic.

Other users have pointed out the differences between a pre-order like the DevTerm’s and a Kickstarter. One of the benefits of a true pre-order is that you’ve paid for a product, not the experience a kickstarter gives you. If people are well and truly done waiting for the DevTerm, go to your bank and send out a chargeback for a product not received (edit: or reach out to cpi to see if you can cancel/refund your order in light of delays - I’m sure they’ll be understanding. A chargeback should be a last resort).


Imho it would make sense to ship a few units to reviewers first (in case they got any partners or even work with that business model). I ended up cancelling my order until I see a review and fall in love again with the idea. Meanwhile I’ll be keen to hear any GameSH revision news.


There have been many who already have contacted cpi to have their preorders canceled. All this in light in light of how much these pre-orders mean to them…
For all we know, they’ve all been shipped on a slow boat…
Welcome @zthart

And people should also not forget that 2020 and 2021 are nothing but normal year, including worldwide pandemic which is something we never really saw for about a century, and something that is reasonably brand new: a shortage on electronic components which put delay on a LOT of stuff and CPi is not a bit name in the industry, they will not be the first to be serve if they are still waiting for a lot of components that are impacted by the shortage.

Asking a pre-order to be on time because you can’t be a bit patient with the current circumstances, well. Just send cpi an email and ask for a refund, because unlike kickstarter they are legally obliged to send you the product you bought else to refund you.

Don’t forget that the fact they haven’t finished the devterm also have an impact on them, it prevent them to make money because they don’t have stock to sell, nor they can work on producing more gameshell or an update to it.


Definitely the biggest takeaway here, for sure. Anyone that’s tried to create any project - hardware, software, or otherwise - should be able to empathize with creators that are running into roadblocks. I’ve been a lurker here since my preorder back in Nov. 2020, and decided to create an account here as activity started picking up now that everyone is starting to await shipping/arrival, but have definitely noticed an emerging trend in the last few weeks.

Being anxious and excited is understandable, and there’s a level of impatience that’s inevitable, but it’s definitely frustrating to see some members of the community track deadlines like a hawk and immediately assume the worst. Arguing the semantics of a 30-day deadline or “shipping in July” isn’t worth it - doesn’t put anyone’s mind at ease, and doesn’t really encourage cpi to give more updates, honestly. It’s fair criticism that communication has been sparse, but it’s been pretty sparse since day 1. Harping on that point in the forums is not the best way to encourage more updates, in my opinion – it certainly wouldn’t work for me.

Every pre order/group buy I’ve been in in the last 24 months has been impacted by the pandemic/parts shortage in some way. Among all of those, the 3/4 month delay from “before April 2021” to July 2021 for DevTerm has been the shortest thus far.


It’s pretty hard, as a startup, to take what little capital you’ve built from the last project to fund a new project. Both suffer to some degree… who suffers more is a matter of perspective… I’m still getting a devterm in august (i dont expect to get it sooner). All the GS fans are gonna be waiting for the DT to kick off enough to start pumping out more GShells, which will find the ideas they likely already have as upgrades/dates.


@yong pretty please can we have an update?, we are really excited about this!


scratches head while staring at the github
I wonder if they even started flashing tf cards, yet? I mean have they not told us that they would iron out everything first, to make sure the image was truly ready, to prevent wasted time by having to wipe the cards and then reflash them, (almost tripling the time it takes to prepare all the cards)
The github was touched 2 days ago… but i get the feeling there are more coming…
That could be it…speakers, fan, printer, keyboard and a 32bit armhf kernel. i might have to have to build up from an arm64 netinstall

scratches chin in ponderment
I wonder If they’ll ship out like the shells originally did? …before amazon…
China first, then whichever country is most convenient for the shipper.

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If memory serves, they are in Guangzhou. So the package can reach most of the cities in China within 24 hours should they choose sf-express to deliver.

It’s a pity the upcoming game jam ‘BoooM’ held by gcores is not GS/DT only like last year’s.

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There are several tweets by Hal with pictures. The first one says we should receive it very soon.

I wonder how soon is very soon. :slight_smile:


he sure did share a lot… i feel well informed about his experience now…
twitter sure does let you say a lot…
note my poor attempt at sarcasm.

also just heard back:
“Shipping will be started in a few days. Also it’ll be batched due to massive amount of orders. But even though, we’ll make sure that there won’t be a huge gap between the first and last batches. A few weeks tops.”

i’ll be waiting till august, like i said…
looks like my 2 weeks and shipping in zones was right…


Whole buttload of photos just dropped on their Instagram, so cool!


Well, I ordered on November 28th. Sure would be nice to get it this month, but if shipping is delayed to August, that’s ok too. As long as the product is of high quality, I can be patient.


That’s right. Shipment will be in batches, the first batch will be the RPI-CM3 model, expected to be shipped out by the end of July.


Hope the A04 model could be soon

Congrats to fellows sided with raspberry pi !!


Not to be elitist, but it would be nice if the more expensive models shipped first. Of course, I want mine! :slight_smile:

Could A06 series version be delivered in July?

I won’t be getting my ao6 till the end of august…just great. Such much for July shipping… LIES!
I’m considering refunding at this point… that 300 could be used elsewhere. They are probably still flashing sd cards.

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This could mean A04/A06 models are still yearning for chips.

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