Will be shipped before April 2021

Will be shipped before April 2021?

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Same question here. Order from November 2020.

If there’s a delay, that’s fine. But it would be great to know, when one can expect the delivery.

I you want an answer send an email, the forum will not answer you.

Contact CPi at

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I have already post twitter.

I considered from the start that a shipping date before April was very optimist.

I pre-ordered a pyra so I know to wait for the good stuff.

I will not be mad if it is delayed. I trust they are working all they can to provide the goods as fast as is humanely possible.

I wouldn’t want them to compromise their health for speed.

I can wait a few more week/month.

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the very last moment would technically be march 31st 2021 11:58pm (1 minute before last minute shipping)

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In the day or so since I last checked, ClockworkPi updated their order page to say will be shipped before June 2021.

Have you even read the news aka the post I shared here:



Didn’t see that until after posting here.

guess he wanted the weather

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yes, I got it.

[Will be shipped in early June 2021]