DevTerm Production Status Update

Last time I checked, they were still on producing line. As a small company, our order has to wait for schedule gap between different batches of big company’s orders. I can’t blame them for that, because as the chip shortage is still on and even getting worse, the manufacturer has done a lot to secure small orders like ours. We are like trying to go fast in a huge traffic jam.


If it’s not too much of a hassle, please post pictures of a devterm fully complete in the box and the CM3 batches ready in shipping boxes! Whenever’s possible in your own time, mind :grin:

It would at least instill more confidence to some of us here :smiley:


Of course. I’ve contacted the packing team for that. They’ll take some pics when they have time. They’ve been extremely busy for a while.


where are you guys based out of? how long is shipping to the US? are there more questions i should ask? … are the EXT module connections M.2 / cellular capable?

super excited to work with these thingies. got two for good measure… who wants to butcher some RTL-SDR / FPGA+ARM modules?!

OH! and what does the airplay feature imply? casting to apple TV or being casted to?

Hopefully i asked enough questions, but if not be easy on me, im a hero

Good questions. I’ll check with the R&D guys.

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It’s the Github page. Maybe it will help?
And, our manufacturer is located in China, normally it will take 7 to 15 days to ship from China to most of Americans’ door step. But as the COVID is still on, I can’t assure you now. But won’t be too much longer according to our carrier.


Probably no.


Hey, you scared me for a sec. Just checking in to say I had ordered and been charged for a pocket chip from next thing. It actually arrived in the mail today. Looking forward to playing with this until I get my A06. Thanks to @tech-tin for the great ideas too

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause fear. Glad you got what you ordered. I just knew they weren’t being made anymore and thought they weren’t being sold or supported. I hadn’t heard about them in so long.

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Since NTC is out of business and no longer offering support for the CHIP, I highly recommend you take a look at the NTC Legacy Discord server that is being run by the community members. The people here have been a big help with troubleshooting issues and working on software for the CHIP.


still nothing yet? lol!

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I found this photo on It looks beautiful!

If it’s inappropriate, please delete my reply.


Whoa, any more? Was it posted by someone from Clockwork or are the CM3s being delivered?

Dude! you’re still here? We’ve missed you over in the discord :slight_smile:

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Amazing that you still keep tabs on this despite pulled out many days ago! Glad to see your interest of the product hasn’t waned :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


From this guy:

He is attending a event held by


Not yet but when we do its gonna be awesome!

@AlexDuan Could you tell us more about the keyboard? Are the keys using any kind of switches at all or is it something like capacitive membrane? If possible could we see pictures of the inside or a video of someone typing something on it with sound? Also is there any update on the A06 production? Will it be shipping this or next week?

Sorry about all the questions looking forward to it and any new pictures at all gets me a bit excited.


SSPAI held an event to let it member to experience some “GEEK STUFF” in Shenzhen. I have seen the Pocket CHIP in their repo but I don’t know they also have a real DevTerm.

To go to this event only cost me 3 hours on train and 75 CNY. I feel too sad now.


More photos by 老麦煮机, founder of